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    A step by step build of a SI-Defense AR-308

    If you just want a high quality AR Rifle but do not have the time to build one, SI-Defense can build you a custom rifle using top quality parts to ensure you get one of the best quality AR rifles in the world.

    This website is dedicated to bringing you the Latest News about our 2nd amendment attacks and building an AR-308 / 7.62mm rifle. Here we will share our building process and the places that supplied the parts for our build.

DPMS – AR-308 Bolt/Carrier Assembly, w/Chromed Carrier .308 7.62×51

NiBx Coated FA .308 DPMS Patterned Complete Bolt Carrier Group

.308 7.62×51 DPMS – AR-308 Bolt/Carrier Assembly, w/Chromed Carrier

 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

carrier and bolt

Complete AR-style .308 bolt and carrier assemblies are drop-in ready for replacement of worn components in existing DPMS LR-308 rifles or for a new custom build. Bolt comes fully assembled with firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin, ejector, extractor, and gas rings installed. Mil-spec Parkerized finish. Carrier comes with gas key installed and staked,  extra-durable Hard Chrome finish which provides extreme durability, performance, and reliability.

Cycling is smoother and debris and buildup can simply be wiped free.

The Bolt assembly is case hardened, shot peened, magnetic particle inspected, and constructed of Carpenter 158 steel. The extractor includes a high performance spring and black buffer. The 308 style Carrier is machined from 8620 steel, heat treated, and case hardened. Attachment of the Gas Key is done with grade 8 hardened fasteners, which are staked per mil-specs. The Gas Key is sealed with the proper gasket as well.


SPECS: Fits .308 DPMS Patterned upper receivers.

Bolt – carpenter 158 steel, case hardened, shot peened, magnetic particle inspected.

Extractor – HD Springs

Carrier – 8620 steel, heat treated, and case hardened.

Gas Key – properly staked grade 8 heat treated fasteners.

Full-Auto Cut (Non-NFA Item)

Order From Brownell's 

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