FEMA recently ordered 420 million survival meals. Why?

FEMA is scared that people will hoard survival food because it is the #1 most critical item in a crisis. They know that if you control the food supply, then you control the people. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  • FEMA – 420 million survival meals.
  • DHS – 2,700 light armor tanks & 1.6 billion rounds of Ammo.
  • Obama reinstated a radical executive order called “National Defense Resources Preparedness Act" Our government can seize your Food, Land & Weapons.

Wake up people! Our government knows something is coming!

These are the reasons I have started my food stock pile and started stocking up on ammo.

Watch this video and Read this article by Frank Bates, it makes sense…

By Frank Bates

The 4 food crisis warning signs that could spark a “food mob” that rampages through the continental United States and the entire globe. And if you don’t have your personal food stockpile in tip-top shape before this hits, you could be the one fighting for food instead of the one defending it.


We can all see the United States is barely holding on – we’re in mountains of debt, more people than in the entire history of our nation are on welfare and our freedoms are being steadily sapped away. When following the research to its logical conclusion, it’s clear these 4 food crisis warning signs could snap the thin thread this country is holding on to – kick starting a “once in a hundred years” food depression.


There are 4 food crisis warning signs that seem just plain obvious. 

Have You Noticed That The United States Seems To Be Getting Less And Less Free Every Single Day?


The government constantly seems to want to know more about what we’re doing – whether it’s tracking Internet usage or flying spy drones through the air. And there’s a reason for it.  The government can see just as clearly as you and I that there’s a major crisis that could strike at any moment and food will be a key factor for rioting if a disaster does happen.


In fact, they’re at fault for quite a few of these threats – even if they’d never admit it.

 First up is:


  • Food Crisis Sign #1… Communist “Food Brainwashing” Is Infecting America.


No one wants to say this, but everywhere you look, you can see signs that there are freeloading people embracing the idea of a few hardworking patriots supplying all the food and the labor in this country…and the rest sitting back and getting a handout.


There are more people on welfare than any other time in the history of the United States.  Even during the Great Depression just 700,000 people were on the books to get that kind of government help.


But now there are over 47.3 million people on food stamps alone.  That’s more than the entire population of Spain, Canada or Australia and it’s a 6,757% increase since the ‘30s.


Over the past 5 years the people depending on the government for food has gotten much worse.  Just take a look at this chart that shows how much the government has paid in Food Stamps per year:







You can see there’s a massive jump between 2008 and 2012. Obama's 1st term and it is growing higher everyday, despite what his administration will lead you to believe.  And the way this “hand out” mentality has been increasing, that number will keep going up.There are just too many people who want to rely on the government for food, water & money.  And they’re pushing the rest of the United States to the brink of disaster.


Now here’s the thing: these numbers don’t tell the whole story.  States have figured out that to keep their food stamp numbers low they can switch people to disability.  In 1961 the main reason people couldn’t work was “heart disease” or “stroke”.  Today it’s “back pain”. In fact, in places like Hale County, Alabama as many as 1 out of 4 people are on disability!


That means while some people really need disability, the “freeloading” mindset has infected a lot of folks who could actually be working. And it’s all being paid for by the Americans who are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet.


But when the government’s piggy-bank runs out and the handouts dry up, we could be dealing with a food mob 47 million people strong.  That’s like being invaded by a country the size of Colombia!


A food mob that size could strip shelves bare across the United States…

…and seize control of whole system.  The government has built up too many people who are depending on them for food. In fact, by trying to keep control of America’s food, the Government has accidentally created…


  • Food Crisis Warning Sign #2:​ Anti-Hoarding Law Sparks Food Riots


Not too long ago, President Obama reinstated a radical executive order called “National Defense Resources Preparedness Act”.


It lets the government seize and “redistribute” food whenever they declare a “state of emergency”. But most Americans have no idea this even exists.  It was slyly released on a Friday afternoon, and traditional media said almost nothing about it.


Some people have tried to say it isn’t a big deal.  Their argument is that executive orders that give the government special powers in a state of emergency is normal. Roosevelt, JFK and Bush all had similar powers.


But if you think about the fact the government is banning guns, stockpiling ammo and putting more and more surveillance on the U.S. people, this executive order becomes an obvious power grab that will set the government up to take your food.


Once people realize that any and all of their food stockpiles can be seized by the government, there will be a run on stores as they try to get food they can hide.


A run like that could be a food crisis warning sign bigger than a hurricane.  And the government knows it.


To avoid this food crisis warning sign you absolutely must have your own, covert stockpile…or the supplies you paid for with your own money could be snatched up to satisfy the rest of the unprepared freeloaders in this country.


But the next obvious threat is something that not even Uncle Sam can control…




  • Food Crisis Warning Sign #3: Once-in-a-Century Super-Storms, Solar Flares, Asteroid Collisions or "War".


Natural disasters have been on the rise in the United States and all over the world.  It’s like Mother Nature has been going haywire. Each and every event has the potential to disrupt your food – even if you live in a major city like New York.


But even knowing that, most people think something like this could quote “never happen to them”.  That’s just not the case – just look at some of the disasters of the past few years:


Hurricane Sandy completely crippled New York City.  Forcing even quote “well off” residents to go dumpster diving to feed their children.  Some people who couldn’t make it to FEMA camps thought they were going to starve and nearly did without food and power in cold times.

Earthquakes rocked Haiti and Chile killing over 300,000 people and making food a rare commodity. (The scary part is the United States has 5 major fault lines that could fracture the country into pieces if a large earthquake struck.  I’m not so sure the rest of the world would come to our aid like we did in Haiti…)

And the largest X class solar flare in years silently struck China and crippled their communications.  But that’s not the worst of it: it jolted their power grids and could do the exact same thing to the United States.

Plus, don’t forget Hurricane Katrina single-handedly knocked out every bit of the New Orleans’ food supply chain.  Thousands of people were herded (against their will) into FEMA camps.

And everybody remembers when the meteor exploded in the sky above Russia injuring almost 1,100 people and leaving a 26-foot wide crater.  It blew out more than a million square feet of glass.   The scary part is a football field-sized asteroid skimmed by the earth just a day later.  If it had hit it would’ve been like blowing up 2.4 million tons of TNT and would’ve wiped out 750 square miles.  And that was a “small” asteroid.

But even if Mother Nature magically calmed down, the world has already kick started one disaster that will be nearly impossible to stop…



  • Food Crisis Warning Sign #4: The Worldwide Famine Time Bomb Is Ticking Down…


With the way the world’s population is growing and resources are getting scarcer, food prices are expected to double again.


But a worldwide famine isn’t something 10 or 15 years away.  It could happen in the next 12 months. Not only have analysts predicted 2013 could be a year of famine, entire nations have begun stockpiling food.


"This is only the start of the panic buying," said one commodities analyst recently, and "I expect we'll have more countries coming in”.


The U.S. is no exception. FEMA was spotted putting out a request for a whopping 420 million emergency meals.  That’s over 7,000% more than they normally keep on hand.  They pulled the request as soon as the news caught wind of it and tried to play it off as a “training exercise”, but I’m not buying it.


The fact is American food is in a tight spot.  The head of one major non-profit said: “[…] we are going to see Depression style hunger, Darfur style hunger, Calcutta style hunger happening here in New York.”  And I believe him.


Russia has been boosting their grain stockpiles as well.  That might not sound like a big deal but they can single handedly change the political climate of their entire continent.


In fact, when they restricted the amount of grain they sent out of the country in 2010, the hunger riots it caused helped spark the violent revolts of the Arab Spring.


See while people think these uprisings were all about politics the real match that set it off was the lack of food. And the United States is closer than most people could ever imagine to that kind of food problem.  Grocery stores keep less than 3 days of food in stock, and any of these 4 crisis warning signs could force hundreds of people to go hungry.


This is something you’ve probably noticed in your area.  Before a big storm do people start to panic?  All of a sudden is it near-impossible to find bread, milk or bottled water for miles?


If so, you know that in situations like that shelves can be stripped completely bare in minutes.


Now I’ve got to admit: When I stopped to look at these 4 food crisis warning signs it all seemed like too much to handle.


Just think about it:



Communist food brainwashing has infected America.  There is a mob the size of Spain that is expecting a food handout and could easily riot if they don’t get it – stripping the shelves bare…leaving none for people like you and me.



Obama’s executive order practically is an instant anti-food hoarding law.  It’ll make even prepared patriots completely helpless in a food riot if they haven’t taken steps to keep their food under-the-radar.



Mother nature has gone haywire.  Once-a-century storms, solar flares and meteorite collisions are happening more and more often and could set off a food panic at a moment’s notice.



The worldwide famine time bomb is ticking down.  Grain reserves are down and panic buying has already started by the country.


When I looked at these elements plus all the other threats like


Terrorist attacks

Food poisoning

And all out war between Syria, North Korea, Iran or even China and Russia


You Can Either Sit By And Wait For Government Food Handouts…Or You Can Gather Your Own Covert Food Stockpile To Keep Your Independence.