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Discussions on Industry news and building AR-308, LR-308, AR-10. Where to find the best prices for a simple build or the top quality parts for a high-end AR rifle.

A step by step build of a SI-Defense AR-308

If you just want a high quality AR Rifle but do not have the time to build one, SI-Defense can build you a custom rifle using top quality parts to ensure you get one of the best quality AR rifles in the world.

This website is dedicated to bringing you the Latest News about our 2nd amendment attacks and building an AR-308 / 7.62mm rifle. Here we will share our building process and the places that supplied the parts for our build.

I only link to the sites that have supplied parts for my build. These online sites are trusted and have extremely fast ship time with quality parts. I have spent hours even days searching for parts for my LR-308 / AR-308 build. Sometimes the best places show up deep in Google search. I have linked to them so you can build your AR-308 with easy access to the best places.

Most of the online stores are setup for "Back order", meaning you can select the items you want and they will ship them when they are available. This is important at this stage in the game, because as you know everyone is buying up every gun related item they can find.

The first thing you need to know about any gun is Safety! I believe if you own a gun then you should take responsibility by enrolling in a gun safety class and own a gun safe. There are many places that offer gun safety courses. It is a good idea to take a class if you are not familiar with hand guns or even rifles. Most people can't peel a banana the right way, so don't think you know everything about gun safety. Take a class, you will be surprised on what you might learn. You alone cannot prevent gun violence but you can prevent gun accidents. If you do not already have a safe, buy one! A safe will keep your pride and joy guns secure and out of the hands of criminals.

What is the difference? AR-15 .308 | AR-10 | LR-308 | AR-308

How it started ~ The AR-10 is a 7.62 mm battle rifle developed by ArmaLite. When first introduced in 1956, the AR-10 used an innovative straight-line barrel/stock design with phenolic composite and forged alloy parts resulting in a small arm significantly easier to control in automatic fire and over 1 lb (0.45 kg) lighter than other infantry rifles of the day. Over its production life, the original AR-10 was built in relatively small numbers, with fewer than 10,000 rifles assembled.

In 1957, the basic AR-10 design was rescaled and substantially modified by ArmaLite to accommodate the .223 Remington cartridge, and given the designation AR-15. ArmaLite licensed the AR-10 and AR-15 designs to Colt Firearms. The AR-15 would eventually become the M16 rifle.

This rifle was lighter then the M14 (7.62 x 51mm) and became the military favorite. The M16 responded poorly to wet, dirty field conditions, and often jammed during combat, resulting in numerous casualties. Keeping the gun clean in the field in Vietnam was difficult. Colt then started selling the semi-automatic version of the M16 rifle as the Colt AR-15 for "civilian sales" When civilians asked for the AR-10, Armalite was the only one who stepped up and produced a Semi-auto version for civilians.

AR10 ~ Armalite designed the AR- style rifle that shoots .308 / 7.62 NATO and has spent a lot of money producing this rifle. . They spent a lot of time designing and building the AR10 name and reputation.

The problem is, Armalite built the AR10 then trademarked it before anyone else made a AR-308. Keep in mind that Armalite designed their Ar10 (308/7.62) and the AR-15 (.223) platform, so many parts interchange between both Armalite rifles, but you are limited to only using Armalite parts when building a AR10.

DPMS ~ The DPMS LR-308 rifle (Long Rifle – 308) is their version of the AR10 rifle designed to accommodate the .308 win. / 7.62 NATO cartridges.

When the LR-308 was introduced it was designed on its own platform and many manufactures cloned it. So you can buy a TACTICAL MACHINING lower receiver and mount a DPMS upper receiver on it with a JP bull barrel. Or you can get a quality matched upper & lower set and build a top of the line AR-308 for hunting or match shooting in mind. Also, since the Ar-308 is its own design; very few AR-15 parts will interchange with it.

The AR10 is a AR10 and not a Ar-308 or a LR-308 clone. It just looks like one and shoots the .308 win / 7.62 NATO. It is 100% Armalite.

The LR-308 / Ar-308 is its own rifle and does not interchange with the Armalite Ar10.

Neither one is a "AR-15 .308", if you want to build a rifle that looks like a AR-15 but shoots a .308win / 7.62mm NATO. You are building a AR-308…


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